Saturday, January 19, 2008

Manchester United keeps the lead at the Top

Christiano Ronaldo missed the target 7 times and Wayne Rooney more than that against Reading. It was Reading who drew at Old Trafford in the starting fixture of the Premier League. The way they played today seemed that they might get the shocking winner against the Champions.

But It was once again Wayne Rooney and Ronolda who scored at the end of the match. It was that inspiring pass from Carloz Tevez which Rooney finished in style.

Arsenal has a comfortable 3-0 win over Fulham away from home. Adebayor scoring 2 goals. Pizzaro who scored on his debut for Chelsea scored again today. This is just second goal for Chelsea.

So no big change in the Table. Another notable news this weekend was Robbie Keane scoring 100th goal for Spurs.

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col said...

Wow! Arsenal got killed last night! Anybody see it?
The fans must have been furious! 5 – 1, I mean Tottenham played very well but Arsenal fielded barely any first team players, what were they thinking!? The Fans have every right to be annoyed! When you travel to see your team play you expect them to at least try! Whoever did a little football spread betting on Arsenal losing will be laughing all the way to work this morning! Maybe I Should start spread betting and see if I can win a few bets! I want to laugh on the way to work!