Monday, February 4, 2008

Rugby : Redefined

Rugby is a game which has seen some quick developments in the recent past. The game has resorted to new dimensions and the number of people enjoying the game has increased. This has been mainly possible through certain sites which portray rugby in the true spirit.

rbs6nations.com is one such site which keeps us informed on the rugby happenings in the 6 nations comprising of England, France, Scotland, Wales, Italy and Ireland. They provide us with everything related to rugby games. They also have a section dedicated to recent rugby talks and they also update the match schedules regularly.

Apart from this they also have statistics about each player and also have match videos and highlights. They upload the highlights the same night and this has been one of the main reasons behind their success. These videos can also be watched from your mobile phones and downloads related to these are also provided.

Time to time, scores are updated and you can watch the game even from your workplace. By adopting all these techniques they have taken the game to greater heights.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Important Weekend Fixtures of Feb-2008

This saturday has some important fixtures in English Premier league with the top 2 club facing tougher opposition. Current Champions Manchester United will have a crunch test at White Hart Lane when they face Spurs. Spurs are in excellent run of form in recent times at home. They will be ready to seek revenge for their 3-1 defeat in the FA Cup 4th round at Old Trafford.

Arsenal will face Manchester City in their own backyard later tonight. City has not been in good form as they got away from FA exit to Sheffield United. Then they were held by Derby. But playing at home today will be a great advantage as have kept their clean sheet at home.

The most important clash will be the match between Birmingham and Derby. This will be great fight for avoiding relegation. Birmingham went down to Sunderland last week 2-0. This will be a crucial decider for the season.

EPL Fixtures for the weekend

Saturday - Feb-02

Birmingham vs Derby
Blackburn vs Everton
Liverpool vs Sunderland
Man City vs Arsenal
Portsmouth vs Chelsea
Reading vs Bolton
Tottenham vs Man Utd
Wigan Athletic vs West Ham

Sunday - Feb-03

Fulham vs Aston Villa
Newcastle vs Middlesbrough

Investments made Easier

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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Manchester stays at top after beating Portsmouth at home

Christiano Ronaldo scored twice against the Pompeys as Fergusun men leveled points with the Gunners and reached the top spot with goal difference.

Ballack scored the only goal of the match against Reading at home to keep their position strong at 3rd.

Everton was frustated by Spurs which resulted in a goal less draw.

Noble from West Ham scored from the penalty spot in the dying minutes of the game to bring more miseries to Liverpool and Benitez. While there are rumours that Liverpool fans could take over the club from the American owners. Liverpool suffered another defeat after spending so much in the transfer this season.

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