Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mancheter United lead for the first time in the season

It was Boxing day the EPL Champions regained their Top Position for the first time in this season. Man Utd beat Sunderland at the Stadium of Lights by their regular margin of 4-0. Christiano Ronaldo produced one of the best free kicks of the season and Rooney scored his first premiership goals after his return from injury.

Saha netted Rooney's pass in the first half and then scored a easy penalty in the second half. Arsenal failed to score against Portsmouth and resulted in a Nil-Nil draw. Now Man utd leads the table with just 1 point ahead of Arsenal.

It was the match of the season at Stamford bridge where everything happened for both the teams. There were 2 penalties and 3 sent off. The match ended in 4-4, it was an awesome treat for the boxing day fans.

Liverpool somehow manged to get a win over Derby. Torres scored earlier but Dempsey equaised in the second. Then it was once again Steven Gerrard who scored the winning goal in the dying minutes of the match.

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