Friday, November 2, 2007

EPL Weekend Fixtures - very Crucial Matches

This weekend will see one of the most awaited clash of the English Premier League. It's going to be the clash of the Titans Arsenal Vs Manchester United. The Champions will have a uphill task in facing the League Leaders. Both the Red Devils and the Gunners are at the top of the table with the same points. Arsenal with one game in hand stands first.

Arsenal is yet to loose a game this season, while Manchester United have scored 4 goals consistently in their last 4 outings. Manchester United lost both of their premiership games against Arsenal last season and they will be ready to show their revenge.

Injury Blows

Arsenal Striking Spear head Robin Van Persie is injured and is out of their squad. He will not be available for this match along with their center back Senderos. All other Arsenal players are well fit and are raring to continue their undefeated streak this season.

While Manchester United have a separate squad for injury. Their injury worries is added by the recent long time injuries to their Center Mid-Fielders Paul Scholes and Carrick.

This is the first time Manchester United will play Arsenal in their new stadium Emirates. This match will override the importance of all other EPL matches. This will also be a decider. This Cracker will be a feast for fans of both the team.

As per most prediction the outcome will either be a draw or it would be in favour of Arsenal. Manchester united will be starting as Underdogs for the first time in many years in the premier League. Spanish Wonder kid Cesc Fabregas will be the key for Arsenal success. He is the guy who scored a beauty at Anfield to increase the worries for Liverpool.

Both the teams seems to be confident and are expected to attack which will provide a joy for fans.

Other fixtures that is worth mentioning here is the match between dying Liverpool and growing Blackburn.


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